They’re talking about Michigan and Florida finally, the dimwits who run the Democratic Party. Guess what? They’re a little late. Due to an inconvenient Florida law, no election which anybody might wish to schedule can be held unless they take out the papers no later than next Monday. Nobody wants to pay for one, either.

Florida says they’ve already had one and the next will have to be covered by the Democrats. They are saying this because the Republican Governor, Crist, and the Democratic Senator, Nelson, have a common interest: preventing the nomination of Barack Obama.

You probably know already that Clinton ‘won’ Michigan because she was on the ballot and Obama wasn’t. Clinton also campaigned in Florida, skirting the prohibition by appearing at several well-publicized fund-raisers and running television ads which were seen there.

The party leadership, including Howard Dean, should’ve seen this coming. They didn’t.

As a result, the Clinton campaign believes that it can hijack the nomination. That is the logic of what’s happening. Strictly speaking, if the Democrats select the candidate with the most delegate votes fairly chosen, it cannot be Clinton. But if she can get the issue of the Michigan and Florida delegations to the Credentials Committee in Denver, where ‘super delegates’ will have the deciding votes, then she has the chance to force the convention to seat them. And, once seated, these essentially stolen delegates might give her a majority.

And how might Clinton “force” the Committee to seat those delegates? By so damaging Obama in the public mind between now and then that the party’s ‘leaders’ could fear that he would lose.

Clinton’s relentless, almost entirely baseless attacks on Obama have so far included the claim that he is a liar on NAFTA, when it turns out that it was Clinton whose agents ‘reassured’ Canada that she was only kidding about the issue to fool Ohio voters. That is now an established fact, but even on CNN, supposed to be a decent television news source, this gets only passing mention.

It’s a sick thing to have to say this, but I think it’s obvious that Clinton’s baseless whining about not getting enough media coverage, her ‘victim’ thing, went through NBC (a subsidiary of the major weapons contractor, General Electric) like a bolt of lightning. Somebody sure as shit called somebody because the next thing you know, again on the eve of Texas and Ohio, there’s Clinton on the ludicrous ‘Saturday Night Live’ and the morning talk shows. She was ‘humanizing’ herself while her surrogates carried out some of the most vicious operations seen in living memory, and I remember Karl Rove. And, as was the case with the Canada thing, she labels Obama with her own behavior. Today, or was it yesterday, one of her hacks accused Obama of acting like Ken Starr.

It’s a ludicrous act, but the media’s buying it, except for Keith Obermann, the only one worth watching. And it’s a very, very dangerous act, too, and I will bet you a set of Mizuno irons that most party leaders know it.

The thing about Hillary Clinton: she is completely amoral, totally unethical, and smart as hell. She has not been able thusfar to outmaneuver Obama with the people, and this fact has shook her deeply. Ever since Iowa, and despite her ‘surprise’ win in New Hampshire, her eyes have had madness and shock in them. She, as much of America, is surprised by Obama. She’d known he could speak, all right, but she hadn’t known he could organize.

Now, trailing in delegates by a mathematically-near-certain margin, Clinton’s campaign is trying to win by lying, leaking phony or perhaps contrived documents, and name-calling. After the Kenneth Starr line yesterday, one of Obama’s aides was forced to resign because she told a reporter – about a second before saying it was off the record – that Clinton is “a monster.”

More serious in the minds of party leaders is Clinton’s repeated claim that both she and John McCain are experienced and competent enough to be Commander-in-Chief in wartime, but Obama is not.

You cannot do that. You are betraying everyone who works in the party; you are jeopardizing their jobs and their positions because in handing the election to McCain you are also harming every other candidate.

The leaders of the Democratic Party, if there are any, now have to stop this.

I am absolutely certain that there have been discussions, and that these discussions are continuing despite Clinton’s overblown “victory” in Ohio (she lost Texas, it turns out). They know what she’s up to.

It might help, you know, for ordinary people like us to get ahold of these party leaders, especially Barbara Boxer, and let them know that we know what’s going on. There’s too much riding on this for us to leave it to Nancy Pelosi.