Jacob’s father phoned this evening to remind him to catch the lunar eclipse. Jake and his brother are staying over for a couple of days, with their mom, who is my daughter. We went out onto the deck and stared at the moon, part of it appearing blood-red, in the earth’s shadow. It’s been raining quite a bit lately, with plenty more to come, and overcast, and there was rain on the deck.

I’d heard of a spectacular meteor shower expected in most of the northern hemisphere, hundreds in an hour, which either already happened or is about to, a less-rare event but no less a matter of some wonder and awe. Figure(d) to miss this due to the cloud cover, but some of you saw or will see it.

The eclipse is said to be the most perfect one in 476 years, or something like that, maybe 746, doesn’t matter. One to a customer is how that goes.

Jessica and I talked about the phases and phrases of a person’s life, patterns and trajectories. On the analog record player someone special once gave me, the grandsons are playing albums like ‘Abbey Road’ and ‘London Calling’. I offered ‘Safe As Milk’, in tribute to the late Don Van Vliet, otherwise known as Captain Beefheart, who recorded it forty years ahead of his time.

I’m seeing things about my life I hadn’t quite grasped before. Jessica says that we go into a phase, a time, with something like exhiliration maybe mixed with a touch of fear, and that we adapt, grow with it, become more of who we are, or are diverted for a while, and then come challenges which force our hand.

In relationships, you can take that progression and entwine it with another person’s story line, and now you’ve got two people playing out some version of a larger idea.

Friend of mine died a few days ago. Not a close friend, I’d say, we saw each other at the golf course where he was a part-time marshal and starter, played some, hung out. He was a musician, also, and I’m not sure what else, maybe part wise man. A kind man, deep. There’s a memorial thing happening on Wednesday, local. I hate those things but I’ll be there anyhow. I think it’s possible that our collective thoughts can reach him wherever he now is. I hope he’s teeing it up with Bobby Jones.

I’ve been thinking about things. I suspect that I’m preparing for another phase in my life, not sure what it is but finding what I take to be clues. I’m beginning to feel stronger and realizing that I’ve been feeling weak, and I wonder where that weakness comes from.

Phaedrus contends that Dylan has written more great songs than did the Beatles, so I put together lists which, as it turns out, sort of convinces me, except that it’s always a matter of how something sounds to you and what it evokes. ‘Please Please Me’ might be an ordinary pop song but that doesn’t change the wild joy in hearing it for the first time back in ancient history.

I didn’t include ‘Yesterday’ on my list because I think ‘In My Life’ is truer.

“There are places I remember, all my life, though some have changed, not forever or for better, some are gone and some remain. All these places have their meaning, of lovers and friends I still can recall, some are dead and some are living, in my life I loved them all.”

Every few centuries we blot out the moon, but meteor showers, falling stars, they happen all the time. Just need to sweep off some of the clouds to see them.