They’re on high alert in New York due to what Hillary Clinton calls “credible threats” of terrorist activity on or around the ten year anniversary of the buildings coming down, and the news shows are dressed with all the solemnity and clowning around we’ve come to expect for this national circus act.

The NBC idiot in New York kept talking about New Yorkers “going about their business” despite the dangers, an expression she is apparently in love with, and there is video of the Mayor taking the subway to prove he’s going about his business with the rest of them.

Clinton suggested that New Yorkers especially be alert and vigilant.

On NBC, and elsewhere, a mass of pseudo-patriotic garbage, flags, ceremony. They’ve dragged out the widows and widowers one more time. NBC, owned by a prime war proponent and weapons manufacturer, describes it this way: “A day when freedom was attacked, a decade when freedom was defended.”

No wonder the American people have no clue. This is the sort of junk peddled by the media and echoed by the political hacks, of whom we have a working majority in both houses. “Freedom” was not attacked on September 11, 2001. It was two towers in New York and, apparently, the Pentagon. It had nothing whatever to do with freedom.

On the other hand, America’s freedom has been under attack ever since, mostly by the U.S. government.

One does not defend freedom by wiping out amendments to the Bill of Rights, kidnapping citizens and holding them without trial, torturing thousands and holding them in prisons without habeas corpus, and conducting warrantless wiretapping and unrestricted electronic surveillance of an entire citizenry. That is how one attacks freedom.

The reality is being savaged while the symbols are everywhere. American flags in the ads for banks and insurance companies, some of the lowest form of life on planet earth. Everybody afraid to deviate from the script. We are inundated with tributes to the U.S. military, our troops who protect us and defend our country, only they do neither of these things. Most of them, it is true, enlisted by way of lies and an economy which offers them few choices, young enough to be fooled by slick public relations and con jobs. They come back from theaters of war damaged in mind and body, many so badly they will never recover.

Many of them with their lives in shambles. Some are killers. America ignores both of these grim realities while cranking up the ceremony at athletic contests and all over the television.

We don’t really know what happened on September 11, 2001. We’ve got the official story, the government conspiracy theory involving 18 crazies armed with box cutters, a terrorist organization originally funded by the U.S. and a dead leader with a bullet in his eye. The people who believe this are the same people who think that weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, because that’s what they’ve been told.

In one sense, it doesn’t much matter. The destruction of September 11 was the pretext some people were looking for, the new American ‘Pearl Harbor,’ in the words of a right-wing planning document. It became the excuse for the Patriot Act, a massive department of Homeland Security, abrogation of civil liberties, and wars against several countries in the middle east.

Whoever brought down the buildings did not bring down America’s freedom. We have managed that on our own.