A 19-year-old woman in Afghanistan was raped. As punishment for her transgression, she was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

The government is letting her go because she’s agreed to marry the rapist.

We’re told that this is a part of their culture. Women there are not only property but are held liable for anything adverse which might happen to them.

I guess I’m more naive than I thought. I had to read the story three times to get it, that the person who was raped was the same person who’d been sent to the slammer.

I can’t believe that this kind of thing happens in the world, but it does. This government is America’s ally in the fight against terrorism.

We are lining up with religious fanatics all over the place now. The U.S. invaded and overthrew the secular Iraqi government, supported the overthrow of the secular Egyptian government, and sponsored and carried out a violent insurrection in Libya using mercenary religious fanatics from Qatar. In each case, the new regimes are bathed in extremist philosophies.

The American government is currently leading the invention of a spurious reason to bomb or otherwise destroy Iran. In yesterday’s Chronicle, there was an OpEd filled with intellectual jargon and high pretense, the gist of which was that with Iran moving toward obtaining or building a nuclear bomb, the Israelis were on alert and would probably have to launch some form of preemptive strike.

Reasons, in the New World Order, are never what they are announced to be. The deep concern that Israel is deeply concerned is, as it happens, ludicrous. As a wider observer recently noted, the Iran people have survived for 3,000 years. They have not done this by being idiots. Israel is not worried about Iran because if Iran hit Israel with a bomb, Israel would blow it off the face of the earth.

Everybody knows this. The U.S., the French, the British, the Israelis, and the Iranis. But it has been decided that Iran’s government –– yet another secular leader in the region –– must go. It will be replaced, after we’ve had our little fun, with a religious order.

One of America’s many pretenses to its own citizens which the rest of the world knows to be false is that we support ‘democratic’ governments. Actually, we hate them; they cannot easily be controlled. Salvador Allende was elected by a free Chile. The U.S., with the active assistance of the AFL-CIO and AT&T, and with the active complicity of Henry Kissinger –– yet another Nobel Peace Prize winner and war criminal –– supplanted him with Augusto Pinochet. Thereupon was begun years of death squads, and bodies in great piles at the base of oceanside cliffs.

The government we overthrew in Libya was the most progressive in Africa. In Libya, women and minorities were guaranteed equal rights. Perhaps if Qaddafi had shown an interest in jailing rape victims, America would’ve thought better of him.