You want to take a giant step toward fixing the revolving thievery machine that is the American economy?

Iíve got an idea. Itís not really my own original idea. I donít have those; Iím an artist and my job is to steal the best and pass it on.

My thefts are therefore different from the thefts by banks. They steal everything and keep it. They are not artists. They are capitalists without souls, but of course thatís redundant.

You may be familiar with the history of private banking in America and how everybody involved in creating this nation warned us to avoid it. Jefferson, Adams, all the boys who waved at the British crown with less than the entire hand.

We got them anyhow. Bank of America. Citi. Wells Fargo. And the so-called Ďinvestment banksí, Goldman Sachs and those other crooks. And the insurance thugs like AIG who abet them... and so on...

In a moment of rare candor, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) said that Washington was owned by banks and the bankers.

Of course, none of the Washington pols is doing shit about it. After all, these are the same useless blockheads who decided to solve the financial crisis by handing trillions of dollars to the guys who created it.

Imagine committing arson throughout your community, burning down damned-near everything, and you get caught because eventually even all those people watching American Idol look outside and see that the sky is on fire, and instead of going to prison they give you a suspended sentence and forty gallons of gasoline and a book of matches.

So forget Obama and the 535 members of the House and Senate who, with a handful of exceptions, arenít worth what John Nance Garner once said about the Vice Presidency.

But what if you have an initiative process in your state? I live in California, and we do. And what if there was an initiative to create a state-owned bank. Think about it.

Of course, the Republican Party presidential candidates would scream about socialism, although they are so stunningly ignorant they donít know what socialism is, and the banks would fund some Ďcitizens committees for good government and freedomí or some such, and with the Supreme Court decision giving corporations the right to buy elections in secret, itíll be an uphill fight...

But think about it. Because North Dakotaís got one and it works. Because if we get rid of private banking monopolies, we save taxpayers a shitload of money. Because we may finally have reached that time in the nationís history when the general population is so pissed off at banks theyíre ready to stick it to them. Wow, wouldnít that be fun?

So get on it, people. Some of you out there have the energy and smarts to get this rolling. The entertainment value alone is pretty high, the internet will support you, and you might even win.