Another assassination that the U.S. government had nothing to do with. Brings back memories, it does. Such as the murder of Chilean ambassador Orlando Letelier by car bomb in Washington, D.C., right after Kissinger and the CIA stage managed the overthrow of the Chilean government by Augusto Pinochet and the generals and the murder of Salvador Allende.

Hillary Clinton announced that the U.S. had nothing to do with it, and followed up the denial with the rather pointed remark that “We believe there has to be an understanding between Iran, its neighbors and the international community that finds a way forward for it to end its provocative behavior, end its search for nuclear weapons and rejoin the international community and be a productive member of it.” Wink, wink.

The dead man murdered by car bomb inside Iran was Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a nuclear scientist. Tellingly, the first response from the State Department was spokeswoman Victoria Nuland ducking a question about whether Washington was involved in the killing — or if the administration viewed Roshan as an innocent victim, saying “I’m not going to speak to who may or may not have done this.”

The articles on the internet seem measured, but the commentary following them is anything but. On Truthdig, the first few contributors were not mincing words:

“did she just describe irans behavior as provocative? im pretty sure the bombing of a scientist in a sovereign country is “provocative behavior” not to mention crushing a countries common people with sanctions, but thats just me.”

“Her spiel is worthy of Vito Corleone himself.”

“And we never killed Che or Lumumba or Nakruma or Allende. We had nothing to do with the hundreds of attempts on Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez. We are the blameless, the innocent USA. Whatever happened in 09/11/1973 had nothing to do with the USA... Indonesia and the 2 million, why, Kissinger says we were innocent. A better character background than one Henry Kissinger? Jack-the-Ripper perhaps? And it doesn’t stop internationally: Malcolm X, Martin King, Walter Reuther, Joe Hill.”

“Ha ha ha.  Yes, and the “Company” has not been responsible for assassination activity, since at least the murder of President Kennedy in 1963! HONEST!!!”

“This is what is truly baffling about Obamatrons, they still support these gasbags as if they are our only hope even during situations like these where the White House literally treats us like idiots.”

“President Obama claims he can assassinate anyone who he believes is now or will be potentially, in the future, a threat.  So really who knows?  Wikileaks proved that our Government isn’t honest...”

“Phony. Professional deception. Totally heartless. Murderous. And murderess.”

“Well what else could you possibly expect from the “Evil Empire,” when it is now by law able to pick you, a citizen, up on the street or out of your home and jail you indefinitely without due process in a top secret prison anywhere in the world.  What-prey-tell (pun intended) could you expect from a “government” who now has the authority to assassinate/murder anyone anywhere in the world if it “deems necessary” and is in the “Evil Empire’s” national interests.”

You’ve got to wonder. Well, I do, anyway. When Clinton makes these statements with the unmistakable addendum, the part which conveys to the Iranians that, yes, we did it, and unless you kiss our ass we’ll do worse. Who is being fooled here? The American public, maybe. The registered Democrats who, as one writer mentioned, “still support these gasbags” and won’t face up to what we’ve become. Not Europe. Not the Muslim world. Not the governments of the middle east.

Last month, the Obama administration floated a preposterous claim that an Iranian agent had tried to recruit a half-in-the-bag Mexican drug runner in a terrorist plot against the U.S. but nobody believed it.

We’re gearing up for war, no question about it. The U.S. government is sponsoring the idea that Iran is moving swiftly toward developing nuclear weapons, almost certainly untrue based on sophisticated equipment we already have in place to monitor the presence and movement of radioactive materials, but it doesn’t even really matter whether it’s true. That’s never been the point.

The U.S. did not care whether Iraq had the nonexistent WMDs. Iraq posed no threat to its neighbors for many reasons of practicality, its internal situation, geopolitics, and the balance of power in the region. But we were pissed off because Hussein had switched from the dollar to the Euro and was encouraging others to do the same. This was a very serious problem for American banks.

The U.S. likewise does not really care whether Iran is trying to obtain a nuclear device. Iran poses no threat to anyone in the region. Israel has nothing whatever to fear from Iran because Israel already has numerous nuclear weapons and would wipe Iran from the face of the earth should the latter attack it. Everyone knows this.

But the United States is playing a game. It is determined to topple the Iranian government (as we did once before, in 1953, a horror the Iranians have not forgotten) for reasons of banking. All the rest of the rhetoric, the charges about Al Qaeda and so forth, is bullshit, and the U.S. government knows that’s so.

It doesn’t matter who is President anymore. It probably hasn’t for forty years. The CIA does what it wants to do, the military does what the bankers instruct it to do, and the President makes public relations statements and collects Nobel Prizes for things he hasn’t done and never will do.

Does it matter whether Obama is doing these things because he really believes them or because he’s being ‘forced’ to by sinister powers? Does it matter to the children made orphans by Hillary’s little jokes, by the gunships and the drones and the Apache helicopters and Hellfire missiles? Do the dead care about reasons, however nobly expressed?

This is an empire, mowing down anyone in its way. That’s what empires do, while proclaiming fealty to democratic ideals. But on the internet, all over the internet, freed of FOX News (sic) and CNN and all the other network liars, people are thinking for themselves and they are evidently not fooled anymore.

Any government which claims the right to murder foreigners, and which sends out death squads with hit lists, as America now does, has forfeited its right to any international standing and its place in the community of nations.