It’s the one thing I share with the President, enjoyment of golf. Even after every awful thing he’s done –– and there are so many it’s hard to keep track anymore –– we’re still on the same side of the field when it comes to this magical game. We both know the deep satisfaction available from drilling a drive down the middle or sinking a breaking 20-foot putt. Makes me think he’s almost human.

One of the best things in golf is the companionship. When you can set out on the 18-hole journey with a friend or two, it’s a special pleasure. So I’m glad that just as I’ve got the great TR, Stan the Man, the occasional Big Bill Dial, and the rare JBD or even my brother from another planet, our chief executive has his own good playing partner, a fellow named Robert Wolf.

Robert and Barack also play basketball together, which I suppose is a fine endeavor, although my own basketball experiences generally involved taller players with longer arms encircling me and taking away the ball.

I wonder what they call each other, Wolf and Obama. Surely Wolf doesn’t call him ‘Mr. President’ or anything formal like that. It’s golf. There are no misters in golf unless we’re talking about Arnold Palmer and even then he’s Arnie to most people. Nicknames, I’d guess. Wolf could call him something like ‘Big O’, but that could be so easily misconstrued. Maybe something like ‘bama’ or ‘Barry.’

The President probably calls him ‘Wolfie.’

Bill Moyers might call him something else:

“Robert Wolf runs the U.S. branch of the giant Swiss bank UBS, which participated in schemes to help rich Americans evade their taxes. During hearings in 2009, Michigan’s Senator Carl Levin, chairman of the permanent subcommittee on investigations, described some of the tricks used by UBS:

“Swiss bankers aided and abetted violations of U.S. tax law by traveling to this country with client code names, encrypted computers, counter- surveillance training, and all the rest of it, to enable U.S. residents to hide assets and money in Swiss accounts.

“The bankers then returned to Switzerland and treated their conduct as blameless since Swiss law says tax evasion is no crime. The Swiss bank before us deliberately entered United States, actively sought U.S. clients and secretly helped those U.S. clients defraud the United States of America.””

Wow! That’s perfidy on a truly grand scale.

I’ve already noted elsewhere and with growing alarm the roster of financial thieves with which Obama has surrounded himself. His new chief of staff was latterly a hedge fund operator at Citigroup, the operation which in a decent society would’ve been allowed to sink in its own slime but which got not only ‘bailed out’ by Bush and Obama but is now bigger than before.

He replaces another chief of staff who’d been a honcho at JPMorgan Chase, Bill Daley, who himself had replaced Rahm Emanuel, who once cleared eighteen million bucks as a ‘rainmaker’, that is to say fixer, at an investment bank, and that’s a world class amount of precipitation.

The new chief of staff is leaving his previous job at the Office of Management and Budget where he had taken over for a guy who is now vice chairman for global banking at Citigroup!

The room is spinning. This gets funnier and more alarming all the time. The President may make speeches about ‘fat cats,’ but those are the people he’s sleeping with when Michelle is not around. He’s comfortable with them, even on the golf course.

They probably have a few good laughs over the taxpayer-funded low-interest loans which the bankers use to reinvest and rake in huge profits. Haha! The taxpayers still think it’s the illegal immigrants and welfare queens.

Maybe he calls him ‘Wolfman.’ Kind of ordinary but it does convey something of his feral sensibilities. ‘Bloodsucker’ would be okay. So he defrauded the American people, hey, everyone was doing it and why single him out? A little tax evasion, a little corruption, we’re sophisticated people here, right?

And the Big O doesn’t mind because Bloodsucker is raising millions for his reelection campaign.

If you’re feeling sick, try not to get any on my shoes, okay?