Laugh riot of the day: Hillary Clinton telling the U.N. Security Council that the draft resolution being pushed by the U.S. demanding that Syrian President Bashar Assad give up his power was not anything like the recent U.S. move to, in the words of the Associated Press wire service, ‘pacify’ Libya.

“I know that some members here may be concerned that the Security Council is headed toward another Libya,” she said. “That is a false analogy.”

Clinton, who has the credibility of the average drug pusher along Mexico’s northern border, is known for her little jokes. We were, according to her, behind Egypt’s Mubarak until it was time to be behind its military instead. We wanted Security Council resolution number 1970 to protect civilian populations from probable massacres by the government in Libya, and then it turned out to be air strikes in the thousands against the civilian population in order to overthrow Qaddafi.

We’re only imposing sanctions against the people of Iran because we’re sure they’re trying to build a nuclear weapon. We’ve been sure of it for fifteen years but we’re even more sure now. We have no proof, but their denial is proof. If they weren’t building a nuke, they’d admit it.

We’re willing to release several supposed Taliban captives from Guantanamo in exchange for the Taliban not messing with our pipeline in Afghanistan, but we want to release the captives in Qatar. The reason for this has not been explained, however the disclosure prompted Afghan President Karzai to yank his ambassador from Qatar.

I don’t want to jump to any premature conclusions or draw a false analogy or anything, but could the Qatar part of the equation have anything to do with the fact that the U.S. used that country, and Qatari mercenaries, as a cover for the fake ‘uprising’ which toppled the Libyan government? Just wondering.

I read the Chron every morning, covering the international news, the stories and bulletins, most of them so transparently written they might as well have a CIA byline instead of the Associated Press, and most mornings I don’t shower until after I’ve done this because it helps remove the slime.

U.S. missiles yesterday struck a meeting of al Qaeda “militants” in Yemen, killing four, including “a man suspected of involvement in the 2000 bombing of the U.S.S. Cole.” I wonder if anyone’s noticed but this brings to about 500 the number of people killed by American air strikes who were ‘suspected’ of involvement in the Cole bombing. The planning for it must have taken place in a soccer stadium.

We don’t get the truth from our government. I realize that’s no news flash. Anyone not actually stuck in a cave with Bin Laden for the last ten years –– oh, wait a minute, that one wasn’t true, either –– well, anyone with access to a brain with real flesh tones and lifelike synapses has seen one lie after another and knows the score.

The score is, approximately, government 48, the people 0. It would be worse except the attempted coup on Venezuela didn’t work out.

I’ve got a theory, though, which goes like this: the American people register some of the lies, the relatively smaller and more digestible ones. We pretty much have to because there’re so damned many of them that if we didn’t our brains might actually explode like in those monster movies. We then wobble between mild outrage and a kind of bored cynicism. There never were any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but hey, Hussein was a bad guy anyhow, his execution, he probably deserved it for other things, and we’re nearly out of there, maybe not really but it looks sort of like it. So a bunch of GIs died and a lot more got their heads fried, and those dead Iraqis, well, collateral damage, that’s all, and that’s too bad but what a great season the 49ers had!

We’re sophisticated. Sure Bush lied, and Cheney, and Rummy, and Wolfie, and the rest of them, and there was torture which got out of hand a little, not our finest hour, but we’ve got Obama now and everything’s better.

We don’t really want to know what’s going on, we sure as hell don’t. Maybe we’ve even got an inkling, the clues that leaked in under the door where we didn’t get it completely sealed up. Iraq was just a small part of it and not the worst, no, not the worst.

People who ask questions about worse matters are set on by hyenas. Write a book or make a television appearance, the rest of the media will jump on your ass as though you killed Christ. I think I’m onto how it works but I fall for it anyhow. I hadn’t paid much attention to the ‘controversy’ surrounding Charlie Sheen, only hearing some things he’d said or was said to have said, and he sounded like a loudmouth, self-absorbed Hollywood schmuck. Even when my grandsons told me I was wrong, you know, I figured, they’re kids, what do they know.

Then I saw a couple of videos of Sheen talking about 9-11 and I got it. As a character in one of Blake Edwards’ films put it, in Hollywood, you can smoke dope and sleep with your Afghan and you’re just one of the gang, but question the way things are... In the videos I saw, Sheen wasn’t screaming or foaming at the mouth or making accusations. He was simply asking questions, as an American, he said. Well, that was the crime.

Got a copy of a new book by Mark Lane, called “Last Word. My indictment of the CIA in the murder of JFK.” I’ve read so damned many books on this subject I have little interest in reading more. I could operate a small library. I even have the infamous 26 volumes of Testimony and Exhibits, my own copy of the Zapruder film, and about two hundred pounds of newspaper and magazine articles. But, I figured, why not.

One of the things Lane collected over the years was a file on how the government operates to systematically discredit anyone perceived as a threat. Lane, who wrote one of the first books questioning the official fairy tale, was the subject of CIA memoranda instructing sources and agents inside America’s newspapers and magazines to go after him and suggesting lines of attack. Amazing how many of the CIA phrases later showed up verbatim in articles in the New York Times, the Washington Post, various magazines, and in book reviews all over the country. ‘Experts’ were often quoted but never were readers to learn that they were paid by the CIA. When those people go after you, they go after you.

Politicians who raise seriously uncomfortable questions are quickly marginalized. Even if they are running for President, they can be made to disappear. Ask Dennis Kucinich.

So Mark Lane, and Jim Garrison, and Kucinich, and Charlie Sheen, and whoever else sticks his or her head above ground is suddenly in a game of whack-a-mole.

It’s a matter of degree. You can say that Iraq was based on a lie, but you can’t say Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Libya, and the entirety of American policy in that area of the world –– and for that matter everywhere else in the world –– is an enormous lie, that the U.S. uses its military as the enforcement arm of a corporate empire. If you do that, regardless of the documentation you can present, you’re a conspiracy theorist, a tinfoil hat wearer, someone whose ideas can be dismissed out of hand, and therefore never have to be examined.

The U.S. government maintains a squadron of F-16s on full alert, 24-hours-a-day at Andrews Air Force Base, ten miles out of Washington. On September 11, 2001, there was an elapsed time of an hour and sixteen minutes between the hijackings and the alleged attack on the Pentagon. The eastern seaboard of the United States is the most heavily-defended geographical area in the world.

None of the planes even got airborne.

“In a world of universal deceit,” Orwell wrote, “telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”