First of all, get off this fiction. There’s no coalition and no coalition forces. It’s the U.S. military, nobody else. Probably a few transitory French or British troops to take tickets at the camp theater and park the generals’ cars. This is an American operation, this horrible, stupid, brutal war.

Army Brigadier General Lewis Boone, director of ‘public affairs’ –– i.e. professional liar –– for the ‘coalition’ said that air strikes were called in after ‘movements’ by eight people on the ground were assessed as a ‘threat’ to NATO forces in the area.

“The aircraft dropped two bombs on the group that we believed to be an imminent threat to our people,” Boone told reporters in Kabul. “Despite all tactical directives being followed precisely, we now know the unfortunate result of this engagement.”

Where I come from, the ‘unfortunate result of’ an ‘engagement’ is an ill-advised marriage, not blowing people up. Why can’t these fuckers just say it? Is it because it’s easier to get away with being murderers when you can mangle the language?

The A.P. wire service story says that American forces were “searching the area for weapons and ammunition. Using binoculars and other equipment, ground forces identified several groups of Afghan males leaving a village at different times and going in different directions.”

Boone described the scene:

“They were observed moving in open terrain in a tactical fashion, clearly keeping distance from each other. Their purposeful movements and the weapons they were seen to be carrying led the ground commander to believe this group was getting ready to attack and were an imminent threat to...coalition forces.”

And so these people, seen through binoculars leaving a village, moving in ‘tactical fashion’ and with ‘purpose’ and ‘carrying weapons’ were assessed to be an ‘imminent threat’ and were struck with two bombs, and were killed.

Seven of the eight victims were boys between the ages of 6 and 14. The other was a mentally ill young man of about 18, local officials said.

The United States General John Allen, the top commander of all U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, thereafter “met with the provincial governor to express his condolence.”

Hey, so they were kids. We didn’t know. They shouldn’t have been moving in a tactical fashion. They shouldn’t have been in open terrain. They shouldn’t have been keeping distance from each other. They shouldn’t have looked as though they were carrying weapons and had a purpose. They shouldn’t have been living in a country the United States has decided to destroy. It was practically their own fault. Our condolences.

In the words of Barack Obama’s old pastor, God damn America. God damn this country which murders children and sends a public relations asshole to make the best of it, using language which blames the victims.

There were photos of the President in the paper this morning. He’s been in California, meeting with rich people, $38,500.00 per, to fund his re-election campaign. He was all smiles.

Mr. Nobel Peace Prize. His children are safe tonight in Washington. Nobody’s blowing them up for having the foolish idea of going out to play. He can smile. Nobody’s raining death down on his family.

William Shakespeare said it well. One may smile and smile, and be a villain.