There’s a poster circulating on facebook, some of my Democratic friends, detailing what it’s like thinking as a Republican.

It’s some ugly shit, no question.

“Corporations are people
Women who use birth control are sluts
College students are snobs
Gay Americans are an abomination
Poor people deserve to be poor
Union workers are socialist thugs
The unemployed are lazy parasites
Latinos are illegal until proven otherwise
The bible trumps the constitution
Global warming is a hoax
The U.S. auto industry should go bankrupt
The U.S. President is a muslim agent from Kenya”

Beneath this fine litany is the phrase Vote Republican 2012.

A dozen examples of glowing ignorance and meanness of spirit, the Rush Limbaugh Show with a guest appearance by Rick Santorum.

Of course, most of the cited examples are of attitude and not policy. Although in some cases, the G.O.P. mutants are trying to turn them into policy, and no doubt would do so if given a Senate majority, a poster describing the acts of the Obama administration might not look appreciably better:

“Invasion of other countries
Discarding the First Amendment to the Constitution
Billionaires deserve renewal of the Bush tax cuts
No prosecution of war criminals
Drone strikes on funeral processions
Assassination of American citizens
Protection for GMO crops and Monsanto
Expanded surveillance of citizens
Auto workers lose bargaining rights
Outsourcing of jobs via NAFTA
Lobbyists permeating the Cabinet and White House
Expanded offshore oil drilling

Vote Democratic 2012”

It’s well past time for Americans, especially those left-of-center, to wake up. I still see on the message boards the occasional rationalization for and defense of Obama’s behavior and it’s nauseating.

Look, you want to vote for this guy, go ahead. You want to say Romney or whichever turkey the Republicans nominate will be worse, I suppose it’s conceivable. But face the fact that Barack Obama is a police state wet dream, a good-looking, intelligent, articulate Democrat who can mute opposition to horrible policies of death and oppression because he appears sane and because, what a break, he’s black! They couldn’t have built a better one in a factory in Indiana.

America in his term, two years of which saw a healthy majority in both houses, has achieved nothing of real import while taking the country over the edge on civil liberties. Waging those ugly wars, even torturing and assassinating people and destroying nations –– we’ve done that before, c.f. Lyndon Baines Johnson –– but we’ve never wiped out the Bill of Rights.

Once a government has taken away your right to due process, habeas corpus, freedom of speech and assembly, it does not give those rights back.

So please, please do your country a favor. Vote for whomever you want, but stop lying to yourself. We’re in real trouble, and it’s not simply the fault of those Republican bad guys. Okay?