So every month youíre paying real money to Verizon or AT&T for long distance and cell phone service, and it hurts, right? After all, you know where that money is going. Itís going into the pockets of right-wing Republican candidates.

You can stop that filthy habit.

Thereís a phone company which does not have a long-term contract with Satan, which does not bribe reactionary schmucks. Itís called CREDO. It used to be called Working Assets. I donít know why they changed the name. The new name sounds like a brand of gasoline.

CREDO doesnít give your money to George Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. In fact, it skims a piece of the profit and gives that money to ďgroups working to change the world.Ē

Last year, CREDO gave $2,789,612.00 to forty groups in proportions voted for by its customers.

Human Rights Watch got $75,494. The Innocence Project got $69,615. Rainforest Action Network got $83,291. Those were among those I voted for. The largest recipient was Planned Parenthood. They got $206,630. Take that, Limbaugh, you prick.

It may well be that with the stranglehold capitalism has on politics in America, our best shot at changing things will be in where we put our cash, what there is left of it.

One reaction to the thievery of the major banks has been a strong, continuing movement of people shifting their accounts out of predatory operations such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America and into local, community banks and credit unions. Of course, these banks donít really feel it yet because most of the cash theyíre stealing comes from institutional sources and via the fed, but itís a fine start.

Same thing with buying locally-produced goods, wherever possible. Same thing, and much healthier, to eat locally-grown organic produce. If you eat meat, free-range chickens are better for you and taste better, too.

Maybe you do those things but havenít really thought much about your phone. Next time youíre reading a piece on Democracy Now! consider that last year CREDO was able to give Amy and her gang $105,019. Itís not peanuts.

By the way, joining CREDO Mobile now gets you 40% off your monthly voice fee for a year and a contract buyout credit up to $350.00. Thatís not peanuts, either.